Your photos with FRIDA
We have sold over 5,000 FRIDAs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and other European countries. And we really appreciate that our clients send their happy photos to us :)
Restaurant "Gerard" 
Saarlouis old town, Germany
Rehabilitation center Vital
Nürtingen, Germany
Сеть спортивных центров MRS.SPORTY
Хартберг, Германия
Отель "Buchenmühle" 
Лор-на-Майне, Германия
Отель "Steffi’s Hafenstübchen"
Бург (Шпревальд), Германия
Танцевальная школа GYMDANCE 
Виллинген, Германия
Танцевальная школа GYMDANCE 
Виллинген, Германия
Спортивный центра
Гамбург, Германия
Виктория, владелица маникюрного салона
Наша маленькая помощница из Баварии
Танцевальный центр Tanzwerk
Мюнхен, Германия
Grand Casino
Баден, Германия
✔ Our representatives will personally deliver the device to you, explain how to operate it and help you to optimally place it. From now on, you can use the device yourself as you need it.

✔ FRIDA is a high-tech and highly efficient device: this means that it cleans, filters, disinfects and fragrances large areas and air masses in a short time. No drafts! No significant noise!

✔ FRIDA has a touch display: it is self-explanatory, different modes and brightness can be selected by you or programmed using a timer. But if difficulties arise, we are always ready to answer your questions.
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