Очищает воздух в три этапа: фильтрация, УФ-излучение, раствор DiOMiX
Monitors CO₂ content in the air in real time
Disinfects surfaces using a special DiOMiX technology
Immediately neutralizes viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the air
Complex air purification and surface desinfection
In 2020, our life turned upside down. Many things that weren't familiar to us before, like wearing respirators or constant using antiseptics, suddenly became the standard. We learned about words like social distance and curfew. Lack of freedom of movement, "home offices", constant pressure from the media...

We know how it gets on your nerves, and therefore, for your peace of mind and safety, we invite you to get acquainted with our product, which will make your life much easier.
5D-concept of air and surface hygiene
FRIDA™ will restore your previous quality of life
FRIDA — is a comprehensive and innovative hygienic solution for keeping indoor air clean;
FRIDA filters, purifies and aromatizes the air, as well as disinfects surfaces, and you get it all in one device;
FRIDA affects bacteria, viruses and even mold spores;
FRIDA made in Germany from the highest quality components;
FRIDA uses specially developed technology DiOMiX™;
FRIDA monitors air quality 24/7 and displays CO₂ content in real time;
All functions are controlled by you: they can be turned on and off at any time.
disinfects indoor air and surfaces
360° air intake
The air inlet is located at the bottom of the FRIDA housing. In order to be able to guarantee an optimal volume air flow, the openings are aligned 360* on all four sides. The openings must not be covered during operation.
H14 HEPA-filter
The H14 HEPA filter is installed inside FRIDA for the first cleaning of the room air drawn in. Suspended matter larger than 0.1-0.3 nm is separated from it to 99.995%.
The fan is responsible for the volume flow. It is driven by a hight-performance motor and reliably provides the required suction power.
UV-C lamps
Two powerful UV-C lights with 35 watts each deactivate the remaining viruses smaller than 0.1 micrometers. For the longest possible air irradiation time, the tubes are installed along the air flow.
DiOMiX technology
DiOMiX is added to the cleaned room air. The unique technology ensures the deactivation of the aerosols floating in the room and the disinfection of surfaces and objects in the room
FRIDA is manufactured in Germany with a sturdy metal housing. The elegant anthracite matt lacquer gives it a modern look and is timeless
FRIDA stands on 4 robust feet. Smooth rollers are optionally available.
Touch display featuring CO2 traffic light
All settings can be made using the large touch display. The menu is intuitive in use. The CO2 traffic light can be seen continuously when the display is in standby for optimal monitoring of air quality
Ambient lighting
The design highlight from FRIDA is the offset front panel, which creates a pleasant atmosphere with colored LED lighting
Service flap
On the back it the service flap, through which consumables are refilled
Air outlet
The air outlet is at the top and protected by a grille. Enriched with the finest room fragnance and/or DiOMiX, the cleaned and desinfected air flows into the rooom from here. The opening must not be covered by objects.
A complex of three technologies can significantly reduce the spread of pathogens:
How does it work?
DiOMiX™ particles settle on surfaces, disinfecting them
DiOMiX™ spreads throughout the room
FRIDA™ fills the space with purified and treated air with the addition of aromatic essential oils
Aromatic essential oils are diffused
DiOMiX™ is added to the disinfected air stream
For disinfection from viruses and bacteria, the air is treated with powerful UV-C radiation
Purified air exits the filter
99.995% of suspended solids from the air are retained by
HEPA-filter H14
The fan blows air through the filters
The air in the room is sucked in by the device
maximum 200 W in continuous operation
Delayed start of any of the programs
turns on when necessary
Intensive quick cleaning with surface disinfection
22 kg
Intensive deep cleaning
DIN EN 1822-1:2009
2x35 W
monitoring 24/7
up to 100 m²
up to 900 m³/h
less than 30-70 dB
The only one in the world: FRIDA™
DiOMiX ™ technology has bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effects;

Deactivates 99.995% of viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet waves (UV-C);

Disinfects all surfaces and objects;

Purifies exhaled air in real time;

Fills the room with natural flavors;

FRIDA™ monitors air quality for CO₂ content 24/7 and displays it on the LED display;

Purifies the air using HEPA filters (H13 or H14 depending on the model). Filtration up to 99.995% of particles (DIN EN 1822);

Optimal 360° air intake;
Despite the large volume of purified air, it works quietly thanks to the large industrial fan;
Complies with concept IV protection criteria for indoor air;
Complies with legal and technical specifications and performance requirements of ministries of education and culture (EU).
5D-concept of air and surface hygiene

In kindergartens and schools

Children are very socially open. Especially the younger ones. They talk, hug, play with toys and even eat from the same plate. Therefore, they very quickly transmit to each other any infections, with which they then return home. That is why it is so important to make the space where children interact with each other safer. With FRIDA, we want to set a new standard for cleanliness in schools and kindergartens. In particular, constant disinfection of surfaces and toys, which will become much cleaner and safer.

Take care of your children with FRIDA!

In hairdressers, beauty and tattoo salons

The field of beauty and health is something that cannot be transferred online. This means that people will still meet with the masters live. However, close contact with customers is a serious problem, especially for beauty salon employees who have to deal with many different people every day! FRIDA will take care of you here too, continuously cleaning and disinfecting the room.

Let your customers know that you care about them!

In gyms

Sport is vital for a healthy body. But physical activity leads to increased sweating, so gym is the place where body fluids of many people accumulate. This means that there is a significantly increased risk of exposure to pathogens hazardous to health through inhaled indoor air. Also, simulators are common items that are rarely disinfected.

This is where FRIDA comes to the rescue with the unique DIOMIX system! All surfaces are constantly disinfected, and the air becomes cleaner and safer.

In hospitals

As you know, in hospitals, the transmission of infections is a particularly common problem. Although in medical establishments especially pay attention to cleanliness, great risk of infection by airborne droplets from a sick person who has come to see a doctor.

DIOMIX technology boasts the ability to contain even the so-called multi-resistant microbes. And FRIDA also has the function of cleaning the air and disinfecting surfaces even when people are in the room, which protects patients, visitors and especially the medical staff!

In retail

In shops and supermarkets, there is a constant problem with extremely high frequency of visitors. It is impossible to sterilize a room all the time, and contact tracing is extremely problematic, and therefore the risks of infection are especially high.

In addition, in such rooms it is structurally difficult to achieve high-quality disinfection using conventional air purification devices.

We recommend that you read our Why FRIDA section and be convinced of the benefits of our device for your premises.

In cafes and restaurants

An industry that has already contributed to new hygiene standards: wide-spread tables, disposable menus, staff masks and gloves, and constant surface disinfection. But guests want to feel comfortable communicating with each other. And eating in masks is completely impossible. FRIDA from here will bring back comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere without obstacles.

Thanks to DIOMIX technology, exhaled air is quickly cleared, and now guests and staff are better protected from the risks of airborne transmission of infections. Let your guests feel safe!
✔ Our representatives will personally deliver the device to you, explain how to operate it and help you to optimally place it. From now on, you can use the device yourself as you need it.

✔ FRIDA is a high-tech and highly efficient device: this means that it cleans, filters, disinfects and fragrances large areas and air masses in a short time. No drafts! No significant noise!

✔ FRIDA has a touch display: it is self-explanatory, different modes and brightness can be selected by you or programmed using a timer. But if difficulties arise, we are always ready to answer your questions.
Want to get to know FRIDA ™ better?


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