Do you still believe this is really impossible?

Disinfects aerosols & surfaces throughout the room

World First

5-dimensional surface hygiene & room air concept

Air purification with HEPA filter

Virus deactivation by UV-C irradiation

New DiOMiX: Instant neutralisation of aerosols in the room air

Deisinfection of all surfaces and objects throughout the room

Room scenting with natural aromas

World First

The 5-dimensional surface hygiene & room air concept

our everday life is restricted

Who does not know this?

Who would have thought on New Year's Day 2020 that the whole world would have to face a completely new and unknown challenge? People's lives have changed to an almost unimaginable extent in 2020. Many things that were simply unfamiliar to many of us until then - such as wearing respirators or the permanent use of disinfectants - suddenly became standard. In addition, far-reaching restrictions on public life, visiting relatives in hospital or old people's homes, experienced a whole new dimension or were even prohibited. Even other areas of life, such as the cosy dinner with friends in a restaurant or the experience of concerts together - all this no longer took place.

We learned about words like “social distancing” and “curfew.” Our freedom of movement and our travels were only present as memories. On top of all these changes, challenges and problems came family realignments – “home offices” with closed kindergartens and schools became new realities of life. The economic effects will not be felt in the vast majority of countries and companies until 2021 and beyond. Last but not least, there was the fact of the constant media presence on Corona or COVID-19 as well as the pandemic figures on people who had fallen ill or died. No one could escape the special broadcasts on TV, interviews on the radio and front pages of the newspapers. And currently? Besides all these facts, that there is already talk of new mutations and many questions are still open in all areas of life – we have learned one thing: normality in our usual areas of life will only be possible through change – a part of this normality we present to you: Take a look at FRIDA and what it has to offer you!

And then FRIDA™ came...

FRIDA™ filters, neutralizes, disinfects and fragrances in one device

FRIDA™ uses the specially developed DiOMiX™ technology

FRIDA™ acts bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal

FRIDA™ was developed in Germany

FRIDA™ is manufactured from the highest quality components - Made in Germany

FRIDA™ monitors air quality 24/7 with CO2 traffic light system

All functions can be switched on and off at any time

May we introduce

This is FRIDA™

World First

This is how FRIDA™ works

The room air is sucked in

The suction of the fan pulls the air through the filter

99.995 % of suspended solids are separated in the filter

The cleaned air leaves the filter

The remaining viruses and bacteria are treated with UV-C light and deactivated

DiOMiX is added to the disinfected air

The scenting is sprayed in

The treated and scented air is evaporated into the room by FRIDA

DiOMiX spreads in the room and neutralizes existing aerosols

DiOMiX settles on surfaces and objects and disinfects on the spot

against viruses

Also kills viruses below 0.1 µm

Room size

Up to 100 m²

volume flow

Up to 900 m³/h


Industry standard maintenance free

noise level

Low noise 30-70 dB

DiOMiX technology

Can be switched on and off

UV-C light

2x 36 Watt. Can be switched on and off

H14 HEPA filter

according to DIN EN 1822-1:2009

CO2 traffic light

24/7 monitoring with ppm display


Password protected. Can be switched on and off


Express Mode

Intensive quick cleaning with surface disinfection



Auto programs

with real time and weekdays

Night mode

Intensive deep cleaning with instant start or timer function

power consumption

Max. 200W with continuous operation


22 KG

Worldwide unique: FRIDA™

DiOMiX technology is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal

Neutralizes aerosols already in the room air

Disinfects all surfaces and objects

Monitors air quality 24/7 through CO2 sensor -. with ppm display

Purifies the air with H14 HEPA filter to 99.995% (DIN EN 1822)

Deactivates 99.999% of viruses and bacteria through UV-C irradiation

Scents the room air with natural aromas

Sucks in the air with optimal 360° air intake

Provides pleasantly quiet continuous operation with maintenance-free fan technology (industry standard)

Meets the criteria of the protection concept IV Criteria for indoor air

Complies with all legal technical/performance specifications as well as recommendations of the Ministries of Education and Cultural Affairs

World First

The 5-dimensional surface hygiene & room air concept

In the waiting room z. e.g. at the doctor, dentist, non-medical practitioner or physiotherapy

With all major medical treatments, it is normal for patients to be prepared for waiting times. This inevitably leads to a large number of overlaps from different households. 

With FRIDA, the risks of transmission by aerosols can be reduced and at the same time the contaminated surfaces / pieces of furniture can be disinfected. With a high patient frequency, employees are also better protected against airborne diseases.

In the old people's home

Acute contact bans between the residents and imposed visiting bans from the outside are very drastic measures and lead to psychological stress on all sides.

FRIDA consistently disinfects aerosols and contact surfaces, thus restoring interpersonal comfort. It should therefore be possible to relax these additional safety precautions for the particularly vulnerable age groups significantly through the use of FRIDA.

At the hotel

Especially the reception, the dining room and the SPA area are places where guests cannot stay isolated - FRIDA offers again space for a normal togetherness. 

At the same time, FRIDA can protect employees in frequent contact with guests from completely different regions / countries. Thus, by reducing contagion, action by authorities against the company can be avoided.

In the retail trade

The enormously high customer frequency is a recurring problem here in particular. Contact tracing was and is hardly representable and the risks of infection are therefore particularly high. 

In addition, there is the complexity of the structural conditions, which represent a hardly solvable task for conventional air purification devices. We recommend our “Why FRIDA” section on airflow.

In kindergarten, in school...

FRIDA is to make its contribution to normality in childcare and school. It is here that numerous groups from different households always stay. Interrupting contagion is therefore a central theme, because the phrase "that's just going around" is well known in every family. 

We want to set a new standard with FRIDA and help protect against spread and infection. Surface disinfection in particular will be able to make a significant contribution in facilities; one example is toys that can be left in the room again with FRIDA, but contribute to transmission to a much lesser extent.

In gastronomy

An industry that has already made its contribution through extensive hygiene concepts: widely spaced tables, Plexiglas screens, masks for the staff and many other measures - yet once again a lockdown took place. 

Since every gastronomy is characterized by a pleasant ambience and the guests cannot possibly eat food and drink with a mask on, FRIDA is supposed to bring “normality” back into a nice togetherness exactly here. With the DIOMIX technology, the aerosols of the guests are decomposed at an early stage and guests/staff are henceforth better protected. FRIDA is of course a plus for the restaurateur when catering for anxious guests.

In the cafeteria, refectory and canteen

The home office has become a new standard in the working world in 2020. However, it is also clear that many companies from various industries will return to work. But how do you deal with a "case" in a department in the future? Send everyone home again? Isolation and quarantine? 

Contacts and encounters in a company will not be able to be completely eliminated and avoided, e.g. in a canteen. Then there is the important question: do we want this? We are looking forward to meeting the colleagues and also to the direct exchange about private and professional topics. FRIDA offers a great opportunity here, as DIOMIX will combat aerosols and potential hazards in these zones in real time!

In the hospital

In hospitals, infections and the transmission of diseases are a particularly problematic issue. Therefore, as is well known, an enormous effort is made there to create an optimal environment for "getting healthy". Nevertheless, even good hygiene concepts reach their limits time and again. One of the reasons is obvious, because in the hospital invisible viruses and other germs of sick people crowd in a high density and on a comparatively small area.

DIOMIX can boast studies on the containment and control of even so-called multi-resistant germs. This makes FRIDA a game changer for use in hospitals! The unique function of air disinfection while people are in the room and the simultaneous possibility of surface disinfection, both protect patients, visitors and especially the nursing staff! A special consultation and the explanation of the worldwide unique idea of FRIDA thus contribute to preventive health care and the containment of diseases!

In the pharmacy

The pharmacy is known to be a place where people who already have a health problem predominantly meet. Here, too, the protection of the employees is of course in the foreground on the one hand. At the same time, every owner of a pharmacy should be aware of his responsibility that the business premises are a meeting place with an enormous frequency of people who are ill and sometimes already pre-diseased.

And it is precisely for these groups that special protection is needed, because even a short conversation or consultation increases the time spent within the store. This automatically increases the risk of further spread and possible infection! FRIDA is ideal for use in pharmacies, because it improves the indoor air by means of the generally known HEPA-14 filter systems, supported by the destruction of viruses by means of powerful UV-C lamps and this with simultaneous active disinfection of the breathing air by means of DIOMIX.

In the gas station(-shop), kiosk, etc.

Here, too, the frequency of "new contacts" is naturally extremely high! We run into each other on the way to the cash register or while waiting for coffee. The dwell times in the gas stations and the shops are usually quite short, but the spatial conditions are often sub-optimal!

In terms of hygiene, it is particularly important to remember that the goods are often touched and then put back until they are purchased by the next customer. Intensive cleaning with DIOMIX is an ideal way to reduce the potential sources of transmission. Logically, the same applies to aerosol dispersal.

During sports, in the gym, in the wellness area

We go to sports to stay fit and healthy! Of course, fun should not be neglected there, but the exertion leads to an increased emission of aerosols, plus sweating and, logically, CO2. This means that there is a significantly increased risk of contracting health-threatening pathogens through inhaled room air.

Although a large number of devices are superficially wiped and disinfected after sporting activities, the probability is very high that isolated spots are forgotten, overlooked or simply badly reached. This is exactly where FRIDA comes in with the unique DIOMIX system! Due to the intensive surface disinfection, the next sports enthusiasts can look forward to clean and harmless sports facilities.

At the hairdresser, cosmetics, tattoo parlor, etc.

"Haircuts and good looks" are not created digitally and consequently cannot be shopped online. This means that people meet here and sometimes have quite close contact. The absurdity that this could take place with "distance" has become comedy at many a point. However, close customer contact is a serious issue - for customers, but especially for their employees, who have to deal with many different people every day!

The authorities are still taking a cautious approach to all these above-mentioned industries, even though they have already made a major contribution – keyword hygiene concept! Be sure to consider the possible competitive advantage of using FRIDA on a daily basis, because your customers will know in the future that they will get fresh and disinfected breathing air from you!

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FRIDA has a touch display: this is self-explanatory, different modes and intensities can be set by you or programmed with a timer.

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